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generic As pervasive and persuasive as films, music and books, gaming has come a long way since Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. As the Entertainment Software Association notes: “In barely more than a generation, video games have transformed from a diversion for the few into a mass medium, helping people live, learn, work, and of course, play.” here

pharmacy canada In a world which has moved from a transactional to a relationship-based economy, the aim of the game is no longer simply providing product. Customer engagement is the new loyalty, and insurers – under pressure to differentiate themselves by providing additional services which add value to customers – are focused on driving deeper, ongoing relationships which go beyond a yearly renewal or a claim.

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If you still don’t get the influence of gaming, look around for evidence of the pervasive power of play – look at how sneakers have replaced shoes, how sportswear is now de-rigueur and haute-couture, look at the scooters and skateboards under the feet of those with grey hair and none, and look at your fellow passengers fixated on Candy Crush and Boom Beach on the morning commute.