Building trust in a world of change more


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Honesty has always been fundamental to earning trust and its importance has grown in an age when dishonesty can circumnavigate the globe in nanoseconds. Honesty is particularly pertinent to the insurance industry, where recent scandals such as the UK mis-selling of PPI have cast a malign shadow.

Product bundling is an area that is ripe for some honest intervention.

Imagine the customer goodwill that could be generated from bringing clarity and transparency to an opaque practice, traditionally focused on industry profitability.

Similarly, consider how much more compelling the proposals for mandatory disclosure of commission rates would sound if the latest December 2014 directive, which specifies the internet pharmacy pre-contractual disclosure of the intermediary and the nature, not amount, of their remuneration, were to be replaced by a mandate for full, honest and unambiguous disclosure?

Last but not least, let’s take a leaf out of Ghandi’s book and turn the spotlight on ourselves.

As well as incorporating humanity, humility and honesty into our business processes and at every customer touchpoint, we can behave with more humanity, humility and honesty in our everyday working lives.

By behaving as trustworthy individuals we can be the change we wish to see in the industry – and beyond.