Defying gravity – 5 tactics for a growth culture
Stellar growth may well be the preserve of start-ups and untapped markets, but who can afford to succumb to the inevitable gravity where growth is concerned? In the face of adverse demographic, economic, socio-political and regulatory pressures, establishing a growth culture is essential. Using big data to understand the key motivations for purchasing life insurance will enhance strategic thinking to help insurers fine tune product structures, segment customers by behaviour as well as demographics, and develop more effective distribution strategies.

Predicting propensity to cancel before purchase saves a deal of pain afterwards. Today, the right tools, big data analysis and smart consumer insights can help insurers reshape many aspects of distribution, from marketing strategies and segmentation to adviser incentives and product economics.

Changing demographics are challenging real term premium growth, with expectations of zero growth in developed markets. Insurers seeking the next demographic dividend will need to think smart and be inventive to target the smaller markets emerging in Africa, Central Asia and Latin America.

Consumers are more proactive than ever, and the marketplace is more competitive too. It has never been more critical to understand your customers. Look beyond the channels to understand big changes in buyer behaviour – and apply that insight at all customer touchpoints. Treating customers as partners rather than targets is the most effective way to build a sustainable relationship with them.

cialis uk 5. Be proactive to counter the impact of regulation
Regulatory changes impact the distribution landscape, often to the detriment of both customer and provider. Apply your industry insight to lead the conversation and shape the regulatory debate – being proactive is vital to serve the interests of your customers and your business.

Defying gravity depends on a growth culture, so embrace new technology and devise smarter strategies for a new way of working to meet customer demands and re-invigorate growth in both developed and emerging markets.