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Yes BIG data can tell us all we care to know and more about the human, being. But Socrates and Shakespeare, Sartre, Freud, and Jung all built BIG reputations on their human insight – with not a sensor in sight.

Yes, the device is important. Imagine being chained once again to the desktop. Imagine that desktop was a dumb terminal. But tomorrow’s device-of-choice may yet be on the drawing board, rendering predictions of future device-driven behaviour little more than crystal ballgazing – not quite in-keeping with the measurable practice of direct marketing.

And yes, the customer IS King. The customer ALWAYS WAS.

So hold on to your marketing principles. Respond to the human condition underlying individual predilections. Meet needs and allay fears, guarantee acceptance to the oft-rejected, reward the loyal and inform those who seek clarification to help them along the path to purchase.

Then add the digital plug-in – for enhanced customer value.