People - but which people
In the shift to online and mobile, direct marketers are ideally positioned to take the wheel.

A balance to be struck
Yes – invest in the energy, enthusiasm and, crucially, the native digital expertise that fresh talent offers, but for established brands wishing to prosper on the digital frontier, it’s important not to lose sight of where the insight resides.

Equipping your experienced heads for the digital challenge is as valuable as adding the vitality of youth. Enterprise-wide digital training to fast-forward your experts’ analogue mindset matters: you retain the marketing principles and the customer understanding that have served you well this far, while developing your capacity to apply those principles and insight effectively in a digital marketplace.

Whilst both natives and novices to digital have their respective strengths, they each need what the other provides – so, marry your digital natives to your experienced novices for the competitive advantage that will put you on track to digital glory.