Monthly Archives: February 2014

Caveat emptor – still the best consumer protection

Complex mandated disclosures – readily and regularly ignored – pay lip service to consumer protection. In this era of customer empowerment, it’s up to business to find engaging ways to meet regulatory requirements.
February 27th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

The power of influence over prediction

When Epictetus wrote of the need to make the best use of what is within our power and take the rest as it happens, he may well have foreshadowed a dilemma familiar to modern C Suite professionals.
February 20th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

Click Farms: a social buzz that’s bad for business

Brands, like human beings, crave a buzz. And with entire industries behind the social media curve, it’s little wonder some are keen to buy friends and influence.
February 13th, 2014|Blog, Social Media Marketing|

Empowerment alone won’t convert non-believers to Life

In my experience, crossing the Alps was always an interesting exercise. And so it remains today, as I discovered during my Winter Break. For a long time, SIGMA (Swiss Re) has provided some of the Life Insurance industry’s most informative research – and their recent consumer attitudes report is no exception.
February 6th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|