Andrew McKee
Corporate Communications Manager

What do you do?
As Corporate Communications Manager, I’m responsible for the development and execution of ReMark’s corporate marketing, with a mandate to expand our online activity. I also manage ReMark’s social media presence and create original content for internal and external use, from intranet articles and conference collaterals to the ReMark blog and CEO Quarterly videos.

How did you get here?
I took the scenic route. Graduating with a Masters in Literature in 1994, I enjoyed a ten year sojourn in the Scottish forest, pursuing creative activities including the establishment of a collaborative arts practice in the nascent discipline of Sonicart. Answering the call for an urban adventure, I moved to Amsterdam and joined ReMark’s creative team in 2005. Eleven years on, the latest stop on my journey is ReMark’s London office.

Why do you do it?
I love my job. I’m employed to do things I really enjoy, and get the opportunity to examine and understand our business from many different perspectives. And I’m still happily doing it for ReMark because of their uncanny knack of presenting interesting challenges with an almost supernatural timing.

What have you learned during your career?
That if it’s worth writing, it’s worth proofing.

What do you do away from work?
More work! And when time allows, all things creative – from writing and music production to shooting aftermovies and performing as a VJ.

I believe … that what I do for ReMark, I do for me.