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Sometimes it’s good to say No

We live in affirmative times. Everything’s the best of the best, lives are lived to the fullest, and everybody wins a prize. The epitome of it all? Buzzfeed’s world of warm and fuzzy positivity where accepted sentiment is limited to a Yes – followed, I presume, by a rousing chorus of Be Excited! – a world in which to utter disapproval is to risk being hounded as a hater or a troll.

It’s all humans, being

Forget digital for a moment. Forget the size of your data, and whether there exists a word to encompass its bigness. Forget screens and mobile devices. Forget Glass before you even know it. Forget customer empowerment and innovative ways to guarantee engagement online.

The Hook, the Fly, the Client and the Customer

What are they biting on? A question familiar to fishermen, and a pertinent one for marketers. Understanding what gets the fish to bite is vital, and all fishermen know well the power of the lure.
March 28th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

People – but which people?

In the shift to online and mobile, direct marketers are ideally positioned to take the wheel.
March 20th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

Much ado about nothing

Art or science? What a false dichotomy. Both disciplines (along with others) lie at the heart of every human endeavour and enterprise.

The future of everything is mobile – and disruptive

When I read that the future of everything is mobile, I’m a little disappointed. Given the rabid pace of technological development, I can’t help but wonder that the future could conceivably be something else entirely. But mobile certainly commands attention in the present.

Caveat emptor – still the best consumer protection

Complex mandated disclosures – readily and regularly ignored – pay lip service to consumer protection. In this era of customer empowerment, it’s up to business to find engaging ways to meet regulatory requirements.
February 27th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

The power of influence over prediction

When Epictetus wrote of the need to make the best use of what is within our power and take the rest as it happens, he may well have foreshadowed a dilemma familiar to modern C Suite professionals.
February 20th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|

Click Farms: a social buzz that’s bad for business

Brands, like human beings, crave a buzz. And with entire industries behind the social media curve, it’s little wonder some are keen to buy friends and influence.
February 13th, 2014|Blog, Social Media Marketing|

Empowerment alone won’t convert non-believers to Life

In my experience, crossing the Alps was always an interesting exercise. And so it remains today, as I discovered during my Winter Break. For a long time, SIGMA (Swiss Re) has provided some of the Life Insurance industry’s most informative research – and their recent consumer attitudes report is no exception.
February 6th, 2014|Blog, Strategy|