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Our case studies highlight just a few of the strategies and innovations which have helped our clients meet their business objectives over the past 30 years.

  • 12-inspiration_ideation

    Inspiration + Ideation = Innovation

    Learn how ReMark created an innovative product solution on behalf of a leading French pension fund to better meet the needs of their clients – increasing response, lowering costs and increasing ROI.
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  • 01-MassCustomisation

    Channel Conflict or Channel Convergence?

    Discover how ReMark, in partnership with a leading global insurer in Singapore, demolished the myth of channel conflict by creating a programme of qualified lead management and training modules for a dedicated team of financial advisors to cross-sell and upsell opportunities for over 30,000 orphaned policies.
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  • 05-understandingCustomer

    Drive for Show, Putt for Dough

    For insurers, the real money is made “on the green” with billing and fulfilment. See how ReMark’s RaPID software provided enhanced CRM capability, with astonishing improvements in billing success, policy issue times and product development, for a leading Takaful insurer in Malaysia.
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  • 06-combattingList

    Monetising Your Data

    Multi-dimensional customer (and prospects) views, powerful behavioural economic models and the latest demographic and lifestyle insight. Here is just one example of how GeoProfiles transformed one banking partner’s marketing from “one size fits all” into a targeted communication strategy that generated a 35% lift in business performance.
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  • 04-ReMarkExperience

    The Million Dollar Hook

    “Never stop testing” wrote David Ogilvy – advice we take to heart. Using a series of DOE (Design of Experiment) techniques, ReMark was able to test multiple creative variables and use the results of these tests to double the response rates for a major banking partner.
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  • saveTime

    Save Time, Cut Costs – and Get Future Marketing Opportunities

    How analysis of predicted sales led to a modified fulfilment package which helped one Mexican telemarketing bureau to reduce marketing costs by 3-5% – providing cross-sell and upsell opportunities into the bargain.
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  • combattingList

    Breathing Life Into a Dead List

    List fatigue is the bane of every marketer’s life. Millions of credit card holders, mass (over) mailed – with poorly targeted offer and pricing strategies – and given up as a “dead list”. Read on for a remarkable case study in list regeneration and spectacular improvements in results as we share one of our most profound success stories from the Japanese market in 2012.
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  • Turning_insight

    Turning Insight Into Action

    Q: What motivates a customer to buy more?
    A: It begins by learning what matters most to your customer. Read how ReMark and a leading French insurer developed an analytical model to turn insight into actionable strategies that improved customer experience, sales revenues (45%) and portfolio profitability.
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  • Big_Data

    Smarter Data Analysis – Why the Second Mouse Catches the Cheese

    See how ReMark recently deployed a combination of data analytics – from customer profiling and data segmentation to predictive response modelling – to optimise strategies for new clients in new markets.
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  • Art_and_Science

    The Art and Science of Value Added Benefits

    Innovation is said to be the place where Art and Science meet. Learn how ReMark developed an award-winning product innovation with a unique set of value-added benefits which drove growth amongst 3 million customers of one Chinese bank.
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  • Right_Product_Right_Message_Right_Time

    Right Product, Wrong Channel

    How our Statement Integrated Marketing techniques significantly increased response rate and reduced costs for a large US Insurer.
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  • Shifting_the_mindset

    Shifting the Mindset on Customer Engagement

    Increasing ROI, improving customer experience and gaining insight was the challenge faced by a major US banking client. The bank tasked ReMark with developing and implementing a strategy to lift response rates, lower costs, improve retention and develop in depth customer profiles and social insight. How did we do?
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