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We look at topics consumers care about like Covid-19, technology and mental health.

ReAffirm Life

“Reaffirm Life” is a nod to how much this year has shifted priorities and put our lives — and life insurance — front and centre.

Our survey tracks how consumer behaviour globally has changed and asks what role insurers can play in a post-pandemic world. We assess the impact of 2020 on consumer trends from wellness to data privacy and digitisation. As the world becomes more contactless, we see growing demand for personalisation and a ‘human touch this year — a clear result of Covid-19. Finally, for the first time, we connect body and mind to look at stress levels and mental health.

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This year’s findings:

People are more risk-averse

It’s been a year that’s made us all acutely aware of how precious life is. Nearly half of all consumers surveyed have changed their minds on risk and insurance because of Covid-19 — especially millennials and people in growth markets.

And people aren’t willing to take risks with their health either; 3 out of 4 people say they’re more pro-active about their health because of Covid-19, of which 69.1% profess they would like to exercise more and stay more active. People are making permanent changes to hygiene and exercise habits.

Covid-19 is a trend accelerator

Covid-19 is an unprecedented tragedy that has dramatically changed our world. Yet how consumers have reacted is not entirely surprising. The shift in consumer attitudes in 2020 is part of a trend we can see in previous studies. People have been looking exercise more, wearable ownership has steadily risen and comfort in using online channels increased. These trends have only accelerated. Despite this, we do see unexpected results this year — like people being less stressed on average than last year.

Contactless with a human touch

The need for creating seamless digital experiences is nothing new, especially for the insurance industry. But while people are now more familiar with contactless channels this year due to the effect of lockdowns. When it comes to  claims, advice or customer service, trust in automation has slightly dipped. People still seek the reassurance of friends, family or a financial advisor. As services and brands make the online migration, insurers need to be thoughtful about the human dimension. In the search for protection, consumers want to deal with companies they can trust.

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