How in-depth campaign analysis provided a better understanding of the customer base, leading to improved creative and a more appropriate product offer – all of which helped a Japanese bank reinvigorate a ‘tired’ list.

A bank in Japan was achieving poor results from a large credit/debit cardholder base. The product on offer was one-year free traffic AD&D and paid AD&D + HAP + Personal Liability. There was little selection across the 300,000 customer database and little access to client and physical data. There was negative Business Value (BV).

The uplift was the result of a combination of better creative, a deeper understanding of the database and a more appropriate product offer

We scrutinised all aspects of the campaign, starting with Post Campaign Analysis of mailing drops one and two. In addition to upgrading the creative and some data modelling we also reviewed the product choice. After testing new products we decided to modify the existing product to offer a two-year free AD&D.

Marketing optimisation led to a 163% lift in paid response which enabled us to produce both positive business value and positive marketing bonus.

A deeper understanding of the database led to better creative development, and a more appropriate product offer —reinvigorating a “tired” list.