How a leading global insurer in Singapore created cross-sell and upsell opportunities for over 30,000 orphaned policies using our online Lead Generation system.

With many agents leaving the industry, a global insurer based in Singapore had a substantial portfolio of orphaned policies. The objective of this campaign was to secure an appointment for their Financial Services Consultants (FSC) to provide a ‘no-obligation’ policy review, creating an opportunity for a cross/up-sell of higher value and more complex products.

3 TSRs generated appointments for 11 FSC with a conversion rate of 20%

We developed an online lead management system which generates leads for insurance agents via telemarketing. The system is web-based to facilitate real-time access to information for multiple users – anytime and anywhere.

Within 7 months, three TSR’s contacted 50% of the 30,000 orphaned policyholders, generating appointments for 11 FSC with a conversion rate of 20%.

Orphaned policies provide opportunities for cross-sell and upsell. Our lead management system provided insurance agents and focused way to capitalise on them.