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Mind the gap

Mind the gap

It’s better to be right than to be cool

For an industry as heavily regulated as the insurance industry, evolution through innovation is more likely to succeed than reckless revolution.

Now you’re talking

In the quest for growth and the Millennial pound, could the emoji become a persuasive tool for the life insurance marketer? For some, looking in from outside, the insurance industry can seem archaic, like an ageing rocker cranking out old hits to the arthritic faithful, leaving the raging youth cold and unmoved.

Defying gravity – 5 tactics for a growth culture

Stellar growth may well be the preserve of start-ups and untapped markets, but who can afford to succumb to the inevitable gravity where growth is concerned? In the face of adverse demographic, economic, socio-political and regulatory pressures, establishing a growth culture is essential.

Gone fishing

Gone fishing

Sometimes it’s good to say No

We live in affirmative times. Everything’s the best of the best, lives are lived to the fullest, and everybody wins a prize. The epitome of it all? Buzzfeed’s world of warm and fuzzy positivity where accepted sentiment is limited to a Yes – followed, I presume, by a rousing chorus of Be Excited! – a world in which to utter disapproval is to risk being hounded as a hater or a troll.

Much ado about nothing

Art or science? What a false dichotomy. Both disciplines (along with others) lie at the heart of every human endeavour and enterprise.

The future of everything is mobile – and disruptive

When I read that the future of everything is mobile, I’m a little disappointed. Given the rabid pace of technological development, I can’t help but wonder that the future could conceivably be something else entirely. But mobile certainly commands attention in the present.