Online Marketing

Now you’re talking

In the quest for growth and the Millennial pound, could the emoji become a persuasive tool for the life insurance marketer? For some, looking in from outside, the insurance industry can seem archaic, like an ageing rocker cranking out old hits to the arthritic faithful, leaving the raging youth cold and unmoved.

It’s all humans, being

Forget digital for a moment. Forget the size of your data, and whether there exists a word to encompass its bigness. Forget screens and mobile devices. Forget Glass before you even know it. Forget customer empowerment and innovative ways to guarantee engagement online.

The future of everything is mobile – and disruptive

When I read that the future of everything is mobile, I’m a little disappointed. Given the rabid pace of technological development, I can’t help but wonder that the future could conceivably be something else entirely. But mobile certainly commands attention in the present.