Deon Veldtman
Chief Financial Officer

What do you do?
I am the Chief Financial Officer for the Group, responsible for Finance, Accounting, Tax, Treasury and IT.

How did you get here?
I left Stellenbosch with a Finance and Accounting major and, like most Chartered Accountants, I started my working life as an auditor, working for PWC in South Africa – but jumped at the opportunity to get involved in Corporate Finance in London, where I have spent most of my career.

During my time at PWC in London I focused on private equity transactions, before moving to the advisory arm of KBC Bank to manage the initial public offerings of SMEs such as London & Stamford and Craneware. It was during my time reviewing interesting opportunities in the SME space that I came across ReMark – and here I am!

Why do you do it?
ReMark is an SME working across 40 countries, with over 300 institutional clients, and a major focus on high growth markets such as China and Brazil. That is just about the dream job for someone with my skills, interest and experience.

What have you learned during your career?
That isn’t covered by an NDA? Seriously though, if you have the right data and accurate facts combined with a clear strategy and plan, you stand a very good chance of achieving your goals.

What do you do away from work?
I am a cricket tragic – play it, watch it, administer it.

I believe … in working smart – but that is not a substitute for working hard.