Information + insight + experience = value optimisation
Integrating our advanced analytical insight with over 30 years’ information and experience is the best approach to ensure measurable relevancy to your most profitable customers.

Our data-driven solutions epitomise the customer-centric approach essential to both short and long-term value – the key to customer satisfaction and your competitive advantage.

WATCH: Data – beyond the ones and zeroes

Targeting techniques informed by real experience
We apply sophisticated targeting techniques informed by the insight from all available data – including our own archive of real experience data gleaned from 30 years of insurance direct marketing – to create an aggregated view of your customers from a large number of variables, generating marketing strategies that not only increase response rates and programme revenue but limit your exposure to the costs of lapsation.

Anticipation beats reaction
Propensity to buy is all very well, but leaves too much to chance post-sale. Predictive modelling to identify those customers most likely to lapse BEFORE they buy enhances your return on investment, allowing you to improve retention before it becomes a problem, helping you to understand marketing failure as well as marketing success.

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Today, the right tools, sophisticated big data analysis and smart consumer insights help you to identify customers most likely to lapse before they purchase. This better understanding of retention factors offers opportunities to reshape current distribution activity, improving marketing strategies to create more relevant propositions which meet customers’ heightened expectations.
Quantitative analytics to qualitative action
Our proprietary data analytics help you transform information to insight – and then, with the application of experience, into action – delivering performance improvements that maximise ROI without increasing your costs.

Our segmentation analysis helps you see your customers as individuals with different needs, aspirations and priorities in life, with powerful tools such as GeoProfiles to help categorise your customers and prospects into meaningful groups with shared characteristics such as age, income, occupation and like-minded consumer behaviour. This insight gives you the ability to provide a strategic marketing framework from which to evaluate customer value, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and drive channel management planning.
Optimising response and retention
We know – based on thousands of campaigns implemented across five continents – that effective modelling can produce crucial insight that helps you better predict who will buy and who will lapse, optimising your results in terms of both response and retention.

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The benefits of advanced modelling

  • Identify your best customers and prospects
  • Select the customers most likely to respond
  • Remove customers most likely to cancel or lapse
  • Retain high value customers
  • Use the most effective contact/channel approaches
  • Improve long-term profitability
  • Optimise upgrade and cross-sell