Prioritising customer equity
We help clients integrate data, align marketing strategies with consumer behavioural insight, and mine new customer insights which drive engagement and acquisition.

Our data-driven strategies prioritise customer equity through a balance of price, product features and service tailored to their needs. Smart data analysis offers the opportunity to maximise the value you provide to customers throughout the life-cycle.

Modelling – the power of prediction
The application of data-driven insights is critical to the design and delivery of an effective customer experience. Our emphasis on creating sustainable value means we model for propensity to buy and propensity to lapse. Every model is validated by the insurance sector’s most comprehensive set of experience data, giving us the confidence to set expectations of superior results – and the insight and expertise to deliver them.

  • Select the customers most likely to respond
  • Remove customers likely to cancel or lapse
  • Reduce marketing costs because there is less wasted activity
  • Focus activity on the customers best suited to particular product or offers
  • Use the most effective contact and channel approaches
  • Improve long-term profitability
  • Optimise upgrade and cross-sell

Look beyond the limits of demographics
Effective customer-centric strategies are informed by insights which go beyond simple socio-economic factors, insights which demonstrate a clear understanding of the patterns in consumer behaviour.

Our GeoProfiles segmentation tool does just that. These bespoke market-specific personas – derived from analysis of real consumer behaviour, motivations and values – are designed to help categorise your customers and prospects into meaningful groups with shared characteristics.

WATCH: GeoProfiles sees more than the average Canadian

GeoProfiles – understanding behaviour
GeoProfiles insights provide a strategic marketing framework to evaluate customer value, identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and drive channel management planning.

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  • Align products, channel and offer for each segment
  • Identify which groups have propensity to buy and through which channel
  • Match customer life stage for event-triggered marketing
  • Tailor communications to resonate with groups of customers who have similar values, attitudes and lifestyles
  • Enhance cross-sell and up-sell activity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty for greater lifetime value

Keeping track of customer engagement
Of course, marketing is no longer a single journey to a given destination, and customer engagement never stops. So it’s crucial that you provide a great brand experience at every stage of the customer journey. And that demands a clear picture of your customer’s interactions with your brand.

The sort of comprehensive and detailed picture which our RaPID software provides – an end-to-end policy administration platform which details all of your customer’s information in one place, accessible at any time.

RaPID – from product development to claims
Not only does RaPID enhance your ability to provide a great customer service, it is also flexible and powerful enough to handle billing, reports, and even timely auto-generated correspondence to help reduce lapsation.

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Available as a standalone application or as an integral part of your partnership with ReMark, RaPID is custom-built by insurance direct distribution specialists to meet the demands of today’s direct channels, providing you with end-to-end policy administration capabilities to maximise the value of your direct marketing operations.