Optimising products for direct channels
We help you tailor products to the needs of your customers and the nature of the distribution channel, shaped by the customer’s demands for simpler, more transparent products which allow them to make an informed choice about the cover they need.

In this era of consumer empowerment and heightened expectation, that typically means products which are optimised for direct channels, are affordable and easy to buy – products which provide customers with peace of mind and offer benefits of real value to ease pressure on their finances in the event of accident, illness, disability and death.

Specialised products

  • Accidental death & disability
  • Hospital cash
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Disability income
  • Term life
  • Whole of life

Smoothing the pathways to purchase
We focus on products which are either guaranteed issue or enabled by a highly automated underwriting process with limited underwriting, products which offer core coverage with optional value-adds from which the customers select what suits them best, products which can be traded or exchanged or upgraded throughout the customer lifecycle.

Data-driven optimisation
The insight ReMark gains from its repository of global policyholder data underpins our pricing advice, integrating demographics, customer behaviour and channel strategy to offer you unrivalled actuarial pricing, pricing valuation and financial analysis.

In addition to working with you to enhance your current portfolio, ReMark can offer you around 50 readily-customised insurance products, priced, designed and optimised for direct distribution.