Kevin Franklin
Group Creative Director

What do you do?
I head ReMark’s Group Creative … a lion tamer in a cage of tigers.

How did you get here?
Art School in London via Art Directing in Paris where my company was in talks with ReMark à propos joint ventures.

ReMark’s founder and then CEO convinced me a brighter future lay in The Netherlands. I guess he wasn’t referring to the weather. I thought I’d try it for a couple of years and 23 years later I’m still here. ReMark is a constantly evolving and exceptionally stimulating environment.

Why do you do it?
Hmmm … there are days when I wonder. Days like today. But, when a problem is solved with a great Creative solution, there is no buzz like it!

What have you learned during your career?
That I haven’t learned enough but know more than I think I know. I think.

What do you do away from work?
I live ten minutes’ walk from the office, so my wife and daughter often think I’m at home, when I’m actually here. I also read an eclectic mix of classical French literature and detective novels, study martial arts and play the ukulele. All have useful lessons to bring to the modern workplace.

I believe … today is better than yesterday and, if that form continues, tomorrow looks fairly promising.