Life is a Rollercoaster
With all generations experiencing rapid change and traditional trigger points being recast, uncertainty defines the times. As a consequence, the traditional life proposition appears to be floundering. Indeed, through all apparent lenses, it is difficult to see anything in the social culture of developed markets today that favours life insurance.

WATCH: Life is a Rollercoaster

Health is the new wealth
Our fourth Global Consumer Study casts a generational lens across the data to clarify what customers are actually saying. What we are hearing is that all generations are compelled by the pursuit of healthier lifestyles.

With health to the fore, our report explores strategies to shift the industry from life cover to cover for living – along with the inevitable trust, technological and cultural issues this evolution entails.


Key Findings

  • Attitudes drive behaviours – and behaviours can be influenced
  • Health is the new wealth – a contemporary obsession that resonates across the generations
  • Life stages are no longer reliable triggers for engagement – flexibility in the product proposition and presentation is key
  • Automation and advice are friend not foe

Ticket to ride
This presents the insurer with a golden opportunity to foster a closer relationship with the customer, to examine the attitudes that drive their preferences – as they are, not as we would like them to be – and resuscitate the insurance proposition.

About this study
This report is based on online interviews with 8,000 insurance consumers across 14 key life markets with fieldwork conducted in 2017.