Data-art-science illustration

Art or science? What a false dichotomy. Both disciplines (along with others) lie at the heart of every human endeavour and enterprise.

Marketing is no different. So why the endless fascination (some might say flagellation) by marketers on this question?

As the Big Data wave disrupts the great marketing mass, demand for data scientists is almost insatiable, while it seems the emerging “new black” is the data artist.

All marketers need to be part scientist, part artist

What exactly is a data artist?
Take your pick from the thousands of blogs that attempt to answer this question and then read Jim Sterne:

“A data scientist is responsible for understanding and advancing the nature of data, its collection methods, and the algorithms for processing it. A data artist is responsible for delivering fresh insights from data to help an organization meet its goals. This is the person who takes the output from decision-support systems and turns it into consumable theories, postulates and hypotheses that can be tested and applied to the business.”

In other words, the role has become where art meets science. All marketers need to be part scientist, part artist. One allows us to test our hypothesis – the other provides us with the inspiration for those very same hypotheses.

Art or Science? Science or Art? It’s all just Marketing to me.