Challenging assumptions of limited future growth
ReMark is Saying No to Maturity. Challenging the assumption of limited future growth, we examine the demographic, economic, socio-political and consumer behaviour trends impacting the global life insurance industry to identify growth potential in both developed and emerging markets.

What do these trends mean for the business of insurance industry

Understanding customers
On today’s complex path to purchase, understanding a customer’s needs and motivations is vital. This research into consumer trends demonstrates how deeper customer understanding allied to market-specific insight can generate business value even in the most challenging environments, playing a crucial role in both sales and retention.

The report examines the key areas exerting pressure on growth and margins in the major life markets, and identifies the benefit of strategies designed to integrate multiple channels, improve customer management, and increase the use of data-driven digital marketing – all informed by better customer understanding.

Key Findings

  • Heightened customer understanding is crucial to sales and retention
  • Manage persistency before you buy the customer
  • Growth will come from smaller different places
  • Emerging market insurers must prepare for unbundling
  • Buying behaviour is changing
  • Customers want to meet insurers and advisers

About this study
This report is based on online interviews conducted with 8,000 consumers across 14 key life markets. The study was undertaken in partnership with NMG Consulting in December 2013.