Steve Gaertner
SVP Business Development, US

What do you do?
My role is focused primarily on the development of insurance direct marketing cross-sell and upsell strategies to generate sustainable value for our clients and partners. That said, as an experienced ReMarker, I’m involved in more things than I can list here!

How did you get here?
Having built a career in business development with a number of direct response marketing firms – helping blue-chip companies generate new sales, enhance customer retention and increase profits – I jumped at the opportunity to join ReMark USA in a business development role in 1994.

Why do you do it?
I love the mental gymnastics involved in bringing solutions to life for our clients, and the dynamic culture of ReMark – smart, motivated colleagues working together to meet challenges in markets worldwide.

What have you learned during your career?
That education, work, and exercise keep you vibrant and vital!

What do you do away from work?
I enjoy spending time with family and friends – and a lot of cycling!

I believe … in being interested in others and helping them to succeed.