The future of mobile

When I read that the future of everything is mobile, I’m a little disappointed. Given the rabid pace of technological development, I can’t help but wonder that the future could conceivably be something else entirely. But mobile certainly commands attention in the present.

Mobile is where the customers are. Within reach, always on, ever ready to offer a seamless user experience to satisfy increasingly sophisticated demands and expectations. People are using mobile devices to do everything they do. On their terms, their device, and the channel of their choice. A consumer’s best friend – encapsulated by the phrase: I was sad, so I bought something online – I feel better now.

Capturing the value of digital transformation will be important in most industries — and critical for survival in some

A marketer’s holy grail
A secure payment device which allows you to advertise directly to your customers and prospects instantly, in real time. A method significantly cheaper than traditional marketing, and guaranteed to reach the exact target demographic. Easy to track, easy to test and easy to tweak. A growing market – exponentially bigger now than when you began reading this post – that business can’t afford to ignore, as the recent McKinsey insight ‘Finding your digital sweet spot’ makes clear:

“Capturing the value of digital transformation will be important in most industries – and critical for survival in some. Companies in these sectors have their work cut out for them as they absorb the business-model changes taking place while fending off new digital entrants. The onus will be on the companies to act decisively and quickly, streamlining and repurposing their physical distribution and redirecting the freed-up capital to build out their digital-channel capabilities.”

Time to act
When McKinsey puts your industry on the critical list, it’s time to act. In that context, implementing an effective mobile strategy is imperative – if a little daunting, given the need to align IT, Legal, Compliance, Creative, Product Development, Administration, Customer Service, telephony resources and more just to get the customer from discovery to information via comparison and referral to straight-through processing and secure payment.

Despite the scale of the challenge and cost of implementation, the rewards are there to be reaped for those willing to move quickly and take calculated risks to gain a competitive advantage by making Convenience the future of everything.