The Hook, the Fly, the Client and the Customer
What are they biting on? A question familiar to fishermen, and a pertinent one for marketers. Understanding what gets the fish to bite is vital, and all fishermen know well the power of the lure.

It’s just as vital to know what’s attracting your customers. On today’s convoluted path to purchase, there are many more opportunities to hook your customer – and many more hooks competing for their attention.

What are your customers biting on?
In this sea of hooks, your lure is what gets you noticed. Relevance, personalisation, exclusivity, great customer service (both pre- and post-purchase), simple and clear calls-to-action, all underpinned by information that helps the customer along the path to purchase are minimum requirements to get them on the hook.

The customer is not a fish. We can ask him what he wants.

And with the bar set high by big-name brands, whether you use video, infographics, display ads, blogs, cartoons or competitions, consumers now expect to be engaged by interactive and dynamic content of the highest quality.

But the consumer is not a fish. We can ask him what he wants. Indeed, if we’re using all the customer insight tools at our disposal – from customer profiling, modelling and data analysis to online conversations and trending topics, likes and shares and more – if we’re listening and participating, the customer will tell us what he wants.

The bite is only half the battle
Keeping them on the hook as your offer is tested online on comparison sites, calculators, reviews and recommendation is another challenge altogether. But as we move toward a more passive engagement from consumers saturated in information and offers, the lure becomes ever more important.

In a dynamic marketplace, proscribing what the customer wants, likes and needs is like fishing with the wrong fly. You may get lucky, but you’ll more likely cast all day for naught.

It’s fishing – but it’s not catching.