Underwriting, automation and the customer journey
Automation is growing across different regions and business models around the world, the outcome of more intelligent application by the industry. The result is that automation now offers better access to new consumer segments and more effective business models. But where does the reinsurer sit in this automation environment?

Underwriting, Automation and the Customer Journey

Expectations and technology have moved on
While much of the momentum behind engine development has until now come from reinsurers, expectations have moved on – and aspersions have been cast on reinsurer involvement as insurers have struggled with implementation and integration issues, questioning reinsurers’ ability to deliver on the ever-evolving technology requirements.

However, we believe that reinsurers still have much to offer if they widen their perspective to embrace the views of other stakeholders – especially the customer journey and the adviser’s experience. This approach is one that promises a return to the growth all stakeholders are seeking.

Key Findings

  • Customers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of underwriting but want a better experience
  • The adviser perspective on underwriting is a critical third lens alongside customer and insurer views
  • Insurer demand for engines is accelerating across all markets as new propositions deliver more benefits