The value of experience
In last year’s Global Consumer Study, we challenged the industry to see products and services through the eyes of its customers. This year we challenge the industry to generate a perception of need for life insurance, by creating propositions that offer real value to the customer.

You can't always get what you want

A crisis of value and a deficit of trust
It’s all about trust – the lack of it, the need for it and the importance of better engagement in fostering it.

Hundreds of years of experience have informed the industry that very few customers want insurance. What has sustained the contract between insurer and customer has been a mutual understanding, albeit begrudging, of the need for protection.

This contract has been eroded by a lack of conviction in the protection industry, leaving many customers with a limp perception of need.

Our research explores opportunities to enhance the customer experience and rebuild trust – from automated underwriting to wellness and wearables.

Key Findings

  • Life insurers should focus on moments of truth
  • There is global appetite for integrated, digital journeys which demonstrate the benefits of underwriting to the customer
  • There is room for innovation in the disconnects between what customers want and what they buy
  • Wellness and Wearables – the question is not if, but how, to invest

About this study
This report is based on online interviews with 8,000 insurance consumers across 14 key life
markets with fieldwork conducted in 2016.